What is Studio 1010?

The Studio is your center to ignite your aliveness in mind and body. We strive to provide you with classes, performances and workshops that will push your excitement button and bring to you experiences that make life worth living.

The alive experience

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A Note From the Founders

Welcome to Studio 1010.
My husband and myself opened the studio in 2009. We really wanted to create a community center that would provide people with classes and experiences that would enliven their lives.

The things that make me feel alive are all the cultural advantages of being near a great city: music, art, movement and dance classes, as well as living in a beautiful small seaside town. I wanted both and the studio was born.

While we have offered classes in all of these areas, the strongest attraction for the people of Anacortes so far has been our yoga and dance classes. So this is where we have focused our energy. We are so lucky to have brilliant teachers, some who have been with us from the beginning. I truly thank them for our success and the strong positive, extraordinary energy they bring daily to Studio 1010.

It is our hope that you will love our space, our classes, and our teachers as much as we enjoy bringing them to you.

Special thanks to: Marri Leddusire, Jenna Harvey, Liz Lovelett, Nicole Anthony, Jennifer McFarland and Sandra Caldwell.

Wendolyn Rue
Thomas Primavera
Owners of Studio 1010

Marri Leddusire